boyfriend – bounce

It’s their comeback! I’ve been waiting >:3 I’m not so sure about the twins’ hairstyles but I suppose they’re not overly disastrous. I have to adore Minwoo and Jeongmin’s styling. Especially Jeongmin but he’s gorgeous however they put him 🙂

do you see this arrrghsjshshsh

It’s not their best song I think (obsession is still my favorite) but it’s not that bad, and I’m really liking their fairytale concepts.


this stuff is great

So… there are five songs on this post, uh.. if you have time, then feel free to check out everything I tossed in here because ❤

AlphaBAT – TanTara

I- I- really like this song- AlphaBAT was a good decision

(no distinguishing letters on their clothes here tho- uh oh, i think the variety shows are fast approaching)

ToppDogg – Arario

is very interesting.

So this is where Hansol is from >< Xero is pretty

ToppDogg – Open the door

13 members. wow. and xero

and b.joo i mean b.joo im just going to freak out for a moment 

C-CLOWN – Let’s Love

Well I’m glad I checked this out

I only know Rome lol siwooisadorablethanks

no but srsly siwoo

C-CLOWN – Shaking Heart

This is really good

HISTORY – What Am I To You

HISTORY – Tell Me Love


aaand to refrain from putting even more here i’ll stop while I can. If you spent the time to listen to these, hopefully it wasn’t a waste >< on some of these I really just don’t know what to say but don’t take that as “eh its kinda lame i have no comment”! This new stuff and dancing BTS’s War of Hormone is an interesting way to spend a three-day weekend

(I was also going to try MYNAME, especially after BAP members promoting a bit hehe)
i’m really glad i listened to these


Look what I found~

History – Dreamer

This was their debut song, and like most people said, it’s very sophisticated and unique for a debut song. I like it, and their other songs are good too. I’ll be watching this group hehe

AlphaBAT – AB City

This was kind of weird, but appealing. I like it. Jeta’s ABCDEFG though- I can’t

(their letters being on their clothes was a very helpful discovery)

I was going to check out Topp Dogg and C-Clown… and ZE:A, I guess. This makes me want to mention U-KISS but i’m no stranger to them, so idk. The amount of groups I like is just spiraling out of control and I need to stop exploring huhuhu

Block B and Boyfriend

I’m sick at home with the flu for two days so far, fever spiked up to 104 and I feel like a thin water balloon because I’m just not sweating yet euurgh
But during this time I finally decided to check out block b. I’d been thinking of looking into them for a while but never took the time to, and uh oh- I thinking being sucked into a new fandom. They’re… really weird. Block B.

I think I’ll just have to watch Boyfriend too. I heard and liked their song Obsession and just left it at that but these guys are starting to pull me in. I’m not going to be able to keep up with all these groups orz